Reiki; Energy healing for the mind, body & soul.

Official Komyo ReikiDo picture. Shows qualfication and Reiki teaching.

Reiki is a powerful, yet, gentle and safe, hands-on healing technique that allows you to heal from the inside out. Originating in Japan, it means 'Life Force Energy' and it brings balance and harmony to the mind, body, emotions and spirit. My Reiki lineage traces right back to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, and I’m fully versed in the teachings of this incredible healing discipline.

By transmitting healing energy from the myself to the client, Reiki is able to clear energy blockages that cause dis-ease and imbalance and promote self-healing.

Some benefits of Reiki include;

  •  Better sleep
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Relief from emotional stress/tension
  • Pain relief
  • Balance of energy

Reiki can really help in difficult times when there are feelings of stress, isolation and disconnection.

It can help you to feel comfort, peace and centeredness and help you cope with the challenges of life better and move forward.

During the session you will be fully clothed and will lie on my comfortable treatment couch - which can be heated if you wish. I will place my hands on or over you to clear energy blockages from various points in your body.

It is a deeply relaxing and comforting experience and many of my clients  clients fall asleep during the session.

I conduct Reiki healing sessions from my home in Southbourne, Bournemouth.

Reiki Session £40 ~ (1 Hour)

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