Reflexology for health and well-being.


What is reflexology?

Reflexology is so much more than just a foot massage. Reflexology is a non-invasive, complementary therapy that treats the client as a whole and can be efficient in promoting deep relaxation and wellness. Stress can impact health on a physical and emotional level; it is estimated that 70% of ill health has stress as the root cause. This deeply nourishing therapy is a wonderful way to reduce stress and invoke the body's natural healing abilities.



This ancient healing therapy can be traced back for thousands of years through ancient civilisations of Egypt, India, native America and 3,000 BC to ancient China. Here it was believed that reflexology helped to maintain the flow of qi (also known as “chi” or “vital energy”) through the body to maintain balance and prevent illness.




How reflexology works

How does Reflexology work?

Reflexology is a pressure point system that works on energy pathways and is carried out on the feet. The areas worked are known as zones and they each have a corresponding body part. These reflex zones are specific areas that align with different organs, glands, and parts of the body. By applying pressure to these points the corresponding body part or organ is stimulated, thus releasing energy blockages and promoting healing within the body.

A 2014 report in Complementary Therapies and Clinical Practice found reflexology has a big impact on pain. According to 68% of respondents, reflexology worked just as well if not better than conventional physiotherapy. 95% of patients were more relaxed and 86% had less pain, including chronic pain.


What To Expect During the Session

Experiences vary from a feeling of deep bliss, to a general sense of relaxation. Some people feel a “lightness” or tingling in the body.

There is often a physical perception of energy flowing through every organ, valve, gland, or muscle, as well as a sense of communication between each body system , as well as feelings of warmth, a sense of “opening,” or “energy moving” from the practitioner’s pressure to the specific body area or organ.



Benefits of Reflexology

  • Helps you to relax and reduce stress, tension and anxiety
  • Improved mood
  • More restful sleep
  • Increased energy
  • Improve circulation
  • Boosted immune system
  • A sense of calm, peace and harmony
  • Release of feel good chemicals -endorphins that can also provide pain relief


Reflexology Price

£40 ~ 1 Hour



During reflexology, the body is put into a state of such deep relaxation that it signals to the body to begin releasing anything and everything it has been suppressing in fight or flight mode. This could be stress, tension, emotions or infections. When these things are given the chance to resurface, one can go through a healing reaction which is slightly unpleasant but always results in better health and increased energy and well-being afterwards, as the body has finally processed and dealt with a problem it had been suppressing for awhile.

In order to get the most from your Reflexology treatment, follow these steps to help to aid your body's healing process.

  • Rest as much as possible for the remainder of the day.
  • Drink lots of water to help flush out toxins from the body and improve energy levels.
  • Eat a light diet
  • Avoid coffee/tea/alcohol














"When I came to Rebecca for RTT, I was in a very poor place and literally at my wits end with a situation I felt I couldn't get out of. I've always been a bit skeptical about being 'put under' and I always thought it was impossible with me. Rebecca changed my life in that session. I found the strength the next day to break the cycle and ask for help to get out of the horrible situation I was in. I now feel completely free and I am excited about the future. Truly life changing."

Tammy Mckenna

“I can't quite explain it but the whole session has changed me! I am more focused on my goals. Most of the days I am on cloud nine, literally. Life is getting better and better. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Rebecca! You have changed my life."

Jana Drbohlavova

“I never thought this would be possible, I thought this was my life until the end. Rebecca has literally turned my life around and I am back to my old self now. I'm so happy and focused. If you are reading this and you think it's not possible, or that nothing or no-one can help you, i can tell you, seek Rebecca's help-IT. WILL. CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE!"

Gillian Houghton