Your Soul Aligned Life is waiting for you.

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Are you an ambitious, heart-centered woman who is ready to tap into your intuition, embrace your self worth and unlock your true life's purpose so you can create a joyful, and fulfilling soul aligned life that you love?


I have created a transformational 10 week journey where I will work with you on the most important pillars of self worth to help you get unstuck and move towards a happy, fulfilling, soul aligned life that you love! I know all too well how it feels to feel ‘stuck’. Knowing that something needs to change in your life but you don’t know how.

You may have set yourself goals, read self-help books, applied law of attraction techniques, and attended workshops but you are still not where you want to be and you still feel stuck, frustrated, and unable to reach your goals?  Or, maybe you feel like life is just happening to you - you are just existing and not living. You know your life needs to take a new direction and you long to feel that joy and excitement for life again.


This deeply transformational course is right for you if you:


  • Feel stuck, unable to move forward and reach your goals and your life feels devoid of
    meaning and purpose
  • Feel disconnected from others, invisible, like you have to do everything alone, perhaps you put yourself last and shy away from meeting new people and having a new experiences.
  • Wish you could stop second guessing yourself and waiting for other people’s approval before you make a decision

And now you are:


  • Ready to align you with your desired life path and move consistently towards it with ease causing you to realise your full potential
  • Ready to feel safe to be you, connect easily with others and immerse yourself in new experiences while meeting new people, causing you to feel happier and more fulfilled
  • Ready to fully live your life the way the you want to live it without worrying what others will think? Imagine fully trusting yourself and making decisions with ease.



As an empath with intuitive gifts, I treat my clients holistically. I look at how my clients’ issues are showing up, not just emotionally, but physically and energetically too. Using the incredible power of the subconscious mind means that I can get to the root of the issue much faster than talking therapies alone.


I know you’re busy and haven’t got time to waste. Life is too short to be seeing a coach or therapist for months or even years before seeing tangible result and that’s why the work I do is rapid.


Using the power of the subconscious mind means that I can go much deeper and faster than talking therapy alone and get to the root cause of the issue quickly.  Most of my clients feel huge shifts after the first session meaning you can be aligned with your life path and reaching your true potential in no time at all.


Many clients come to me because they have tried to heal themselves though self help or they have tried different therapies and still not seen tangible results, often they see more change after one session with me than years of other therapy they have had.  The reason the work I do is so profoundly powerful is because I use a combination of psychotherapy techniques (NLP, CBT) combined with hypnotherapy which is scientifically proven to change the wiring in your brain and transform the way you think and feel for good.

My expert guidance will help you finally get unstuck so you can reach your highest potential and enjoy the happy fulfilling life that you deserve.


In this 10  week deep healing journey you will;

  • RELEASE ~ Let go of limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that are creating self sabotage and holding you back from claiming your true self love, self trust and self belief.
  • CONNECT ~ Uncover who you really are and have the courage to be your authentic self.
  • ALIGN ~ Unlock your true life purpose so you can experience more meaning, joy and fulfilment.
  • TRUST ~ Tune into your intuition so you can be guided by your soul.
  • FLOW ~ Be in alignment with your soul and live from a place of joy, flow and ease




Soul Aligned Life



Module 1~ We work on Self love ~ Connect to the universal love that you were born with, feel more loving and accepting of yourself and others, have healthy boundaries, prioritise your own wellbeing and feel more joy, peace, harmony and flow.

Module 2 ~ We work on Self Trust ~ Activate your intuition so that you can align with your true self, feel safe and trust your own inner guidance, helping you to have the courage to show up as your true authentic self and make decisions with ease.

Module 3 ~ We work on Self Belief ~ Elevate your self confidence so that you become unstoppable, align with your desired life and path go after new experiences and opportunities with ease, reach your potential & create a joyful and fulfilling life that you love



If you want to raise your vibe, feel happier, live a soul aligned life and experience more joy in your life then book your free discovery call today.


10 week Soul Aligned Life package includes, full consultation, a pre-session recording, 3 transformation sessions, 3 personalised hypnosis recordings, my full support via whatsapp (during office hours) over the course of 10 weeks.