Sound healing
Music and sound have been used as a healing tool for thousands of years.
We are all made up of energy with our own energetic vibration and this can go ‘off-key’ when we don’t resonate with some aspect of our environment or experience.
Just as harmony promotes health and healing, our internal discord can lead to illness.
Sonic frequencies have the ability to guide us into profound states of relaxation and heightened states of awareness/consciousness where our bodies can re-align, repair, regenerate, and come back to a place of health and happiness.
This causes our energetic frequencies to be re-tuned and restored back to balance and harmony.
Some benefits of sound healing:
✨Reduced stress
✨Balancing the body’s chakras
✨Lower blood pressure
✨Lower cholesterol levels
✨Better pain management
✨Enhancing general health and wellbeing
✨Improved sleep
Dates for sound healing events will be posted here and on facebook and instagram.